Vicki Brown<>
(Vicki was born on August 23rd 1940 as Victoria Mary Haseman in Liverpool, England and died on June 16th 1991)
(thanks to John Taylor for providing me with this information)

vickibrownWhy I made this page back in 1996:
  • There is virtually nothing
    (not long ago absolutely nothing)
    to be found about Vicki on the web
    and that is an outrage!

Some links: Her albums:
  • About Love And Life (1990)
    1. A winter's tale
    2. Time is on your side
    3. Lazy afternoon
    4. We are one
    5. Go leave
    6. I'll always be waiting
    7. Passé composé
    8. Look for me in rainbows
    9. Without you
    10. Lu le la
    11. No hiding place
    12. Shallow friends
    13. Beautiful lady
    14. Goldilocks
    15. Where I am with you

  • Lady Of Time (1989)
    1. Just for you
    2. To me you are so beautiful
    3. Sunflower
    4. Jesu, joy of man's desiring
    5. Seasons of our love
    6. Parlez moi d'amour
    7. If I thought
    8. Lady of time
    9. The nearness of you
    10. Lady dance
    11. Warm and tender love

  • Vicki Brown (1987)
    1. Look at me
    2. Once again
    3. Can't let go
    4. Plaisir d'amour (duet with Tommy Köberg)
    5. Could it be
    6. Talking to myself
    7. Going home
    8. Sheep may safely graze
    9. I'm the willow
    10. Is it mine
    11. Night of love (duet with Tommy Köberg)
    12. Old man

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