(Nikki was born as Nikki Kerkhof on the 21st of December 1983 in Sint Oedenrode, NL)

nikki nikkiWhy I made this page in 2009:
  • This talented gorgeous Dutch singer,
    from an Australian mother and Canadian
    father, with her boundless enthusiasm
    and sincere musical passion, really rocks
    with "Bring Me Down" and especially
    "What Did I Do?"
  • She is way cooler than she appears in
    the mediocre press or fan sites
  • I attended a great performance of her
    in Helmond

Some links: nikki Her album:
  • Let It Go (2010)
    1. Perfect Day
    2. Never Let It Go
    3. Walking Blind
    4. Go On And Dance
    5. Can't Stop Thinking About You
    6. Misinformation
    7. Bittersweet Ending
    8. It's All A Joke To You
    9. You
    10. One Day You'll Be Fine

  • Naked (2008)
    1. Naked (3:10)
    2. What Did I Do (3:19)
    3. Bring Me Down (2:48)
    4. How to Break a Heart (4:12)
    5. Failed Again (3:32)
    6. My Addiction (3:55)
    7. You Won't See Me Cry (2:45)
    8. Easy to Love (3:57)
    9. Brief & Beautiful (3:50)
    10. Inconsolable (4:25)


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