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(Katheleen was born as Katheleen Marta Gonzales on the 28th of November 1965 in San Francisco, CA, USA)

katheleen katheleenWhy I made this page back in 2000:
  • There was almost nothing on her on the web and possibly never will be...
    (her website www.kmichaels.com was taken offline several years ago)
  • She made really cool music that is excellent to listen to while driving
  • Her voice is rich and lovely and her lyrics are beautiful and poignant
    The musical style varies: rock, pop, bluesy/jazzy, even progressive rock

  • I owe special thanks to Bill Mazur, patron of my website and guitarist and
    former songwriting/musical partner of the wonderful female singer/songwriter
    Katheleen Michaels, for introducing me to her album. Much obliged!

Some links: katheleen Her album:
  • Faces, Traces & Timelines (1998)
    1. Don't Cry (2:25)
    2. Forever (4:41)
    3. No Need To Question (Part of the Chain) (4:11)
    4. My Old Friend (4:14)
    5. Where Did He Go (4:54)
    6. How Long (4:56)
    7. If I Could (2:51)
    8. Outside My Window (4:58)
    9. Father Joe (5:24)
    10. Save Me (5:33)
    11. Message Of Love (The Lullaby) (2:50)

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